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Everyone is crazy about the Bridgerton style
Everyone is crazy about the Bridgerton style

Have you been looking for the new Netflix series "Bridgerton" in the past few weeks? Then you probably understand our sudden love for empire dresses, babydolls and headbands!

Netflix series Bridgerton: Everyone's crazy about the style of London's high society
Netflix series Bridgerton: Everyone's crazy about the style of London's high society

Since the new Netflix series Bridgerton, everyone has been crazy about the style of 19th century London high society

Bridgerton is being hailed as THE new series right now, reminiscent of our ever-beloved cult series Gossip Girl - only that all the intrigue and whispering this time around is in the 19th century, not New York in the '00s …

The official trailer for Bridgerton

Shondaland's Bridgerton and series creator Chris Van Dusen tells the story of Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest daughter of the influential Bridgerton family, who makes her debut in the hotly contested marriage market in Regency-era London. Daphne hopes to follow in her parents' footsteps and marry out of love, and at first her prospects seem beyond anything. But when her older brother begins to weed out her potential suitors, the mysterious Lady Whistledown blasphemes in her scandalous society journal about Daphne.

The extremely desirable and rebellious Duke of Hastings comes on the scene, a staunch bachelor and the absolute catch of the season in the eyes of the mothers of the debutantes. Although both loudly proclaim that they have no interest in what the other has to offer, their mutual attraction is undeniable. There is a lot of spark between them and there is a witty exchange of blows while they try to live up to social expectations regarding their future.

In the end, the series revolves - so much can be revealed - but not only about the burgeoning love of Daphne and the Duke of Hastings. Above all, the impressive clothes and get-ups of London's high society are the focus. No wonder after the series starts everyone is crazy about the looks of the Bridgerton and Featherington families. This is also confirmed by Stylight and Lyst, where searches for corsets, empire dresses and the like have skyrocketed.

Understandable? Eh Suitable for everyday use? Not quite like that. For the eight episodes, costume designer Ellen Mirojnick created no less than 7,500 looks - one more extraordinary and intolerable (unless you can call yourself Marie Antoinette) than the other.

How do we bring the rather unusual style into everyday life in 2021? With empire dresses made of velvet, Mary Janes and Co - we want them ALL - and show you how you can achieve the look of the hour

This is how the Bridgerton style works in the 21st century

Runway styles from the last few seasons

1. Empire dresses

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Empire style dresses are * the * defining silhouette of the Bridgerton era. With the empire line, the emphasis on the waist is marked just below the chest; The upper body is emphasized by a cleavage, the waist and hips remain unstressed or are caressed by fabric.

2. Puff sleeves

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Not only were puff sleeves popular with the Featheringtons and Bridgertons, but they're all on trend in 2021 too. Accordingly, it will not be difficult to find the right top.

3. Mary Janes

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The shoe with the lovely name was designed for the first time in the 1920s and is celebrating a brilliant comeback with the Bridgerton series, even if it wasn't even invented in the 19th century! A wide, rounded cap and an instep clasp that can be closed at the side are typical. Originally flat and popular with children, the shoe is now available in all heel heights.

4. Babydolls

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The babydolls did not come into fashion until the 1950s, but the light A-line fits well into the Bridgerton concept.

5. Capes

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The sleeveless cape is not only the fashion keyword of the Bridgerton hour, but also the glamorous alternative to the trench coat. The distinctive throw looks particularly stylish and avant-garde with combat boots, overknees or ankle boots.

But beware:Oversized parts and cape do not harmonize particularly well with each other - much too voluminous! Instead of XXL, we recommend slim-cut shapes when choosing clothes for the cape.

6. Hair accessories

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Headbands and hairbands as accessories have already shed their bourgeois image in recent years and thanks to Bridgerton they are once again becoming a "everyone-wants-it-piece". Actually logical, after all, they fit all hair lengths & turn a bad hair day into a chic hairstyle in no time.

Tip: Please do not combine it with a college girl look, that would be too good, but rather with casual diva combos!

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