Boho is back! Or was the trend ever really gone?
Boho is back! Or was the trend ever really gone?

It always comes back as soon as it gets warmer: the boho chic. We explain what makes the look so incomparable and why the style has long been a classic.

boho, long hair, blonde, flowers, boho chic, boho style
boho, long hair, blonde, flowers, boho chic, boho style

For many, bohemian chic is more than just a fashion trend. It's a philosophy, an attitude to life, one thing versatile aesthetics reflects, inspired by numerous countries and cultures. The look has its origins in the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s, but became particularly popular in the 2000s when actress Sienna Miller dressed in various boho styles at the 2004 Glastonbury Festival. A short time later, boho-inspired clothing flooded the world's fashion magazines. It was a welcome change from grunge, which had already become a bit mainstream. Instead of scouring second-hand shops for oversized, worn sweatshirts, boho preferred to shop in luxurious vintage boutiques or to travel in small local stores. as Globetrotter and free spirit you live the true bohemian spirit that goes far beyond clothing. As a modern hippie.

Unlike many other fashion phenomena, the fashion trend has been preserved for us and is reinterpreted every summer. “Boho is the epitome of fashionable escapism, which immediately puts us in a summer and holiday mood”, said Lisa Aiken, Fashion & Buying Director of the online luxury fashion retailer Moda Operandi. We can only agree with this.

Key elements are wide-cut skirts, embroidered tunics, floral dresses, white lace, denim jackets, fringes, (cowboy) boots and knitted cardigans. According to the fashion search portal, Stylight jackets are particularly popular this year folkloric print and embroidery. Silk scarves and shawls are also experiencing a revival and are also perfect as hair accessories.

Here we show you a few wonderful boho looks and also how you can style them for everyday use.

  • Straw hat with a maxi dress

The German graphic designer and set stylist Dominique Nurtsch lives in Australia and regularly inspires us on her Instagram account with her summery looks. Her style is not "too" playful - we would call it a minimalist boho style. Cool: maxi dresses with straw hats and layered gold jewelry.

  • Colorful pattern

We love this colorful two-piece that the Austrian influencer Hannah Hofinger presents to us. And who says you really have to wait until summer to do your favorite boho looks? If the weather doesn't cooperate, then we get the hippie flair - à la Hannah - into the snowy Mondsee.

  • Holiday feeling

Boho girl Farina Opoku from Novalanalove shows us how it's done. Here are a few of her nicest looks. The key elements of their outfits: fringes, lace, a lot of white combined with a straw hat, colorful hobo bags and colorful tunics. With these dreamy summer looks, all we can say is: a plane ticket to the sea, please!

  • Ruffles

Harry Styles is proof that a floor-length hippie dress (here by Alessandro Michele for Gucci) can really look good on everyone. Preferably with lots of frills! So it's no wonder why we fall in love with the boho style every year.

  • White tip

We love this boho outfit from fashion blogger and influencer Irina Peicu. White lace, cowboy boots and a super cool Dior silk scarf as a hair accessory (told ya!)

  • Spagetti flower dresses

French influencer and entrepreneur Jeanne Damas proves: It can be that simple. She combines a cool long flower dress with spaghetti straps (from her own brand Rouje) with a chunky knitted cardigan. The cool boho look is done.

  • Fringed jackets

A Coachella look from Austrian influencer Tatjana Catic. She styles a fringed jacket with jeans hotpants. For the ultimate summer feeling, just add sunglasses and a bikini top.

  • Creative hairstyles

Boho blogger Michaela Haban makes it especially cool: She braids a pink silk scarf to match the chunky pink knitted sweater in her beach waves. Add a nice hat and the look, which is also suitable for warmer days, is ready.

  • With an edgy touch

In order to make the look look less playful and to bring it in a bit more edge, fashion blogger Stephanie Arant simply styles oversize blazers and sneakers to match her floor-length hippie dress. We like!

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