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Crocs: is that the it-shoe of the pandemic?
Crocs: is that the it-shoe of the pandemic?

Have you thought about investing your money in stocks too? Forget Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon & Co - Crocs, our ultimate love-hate shoes, should not be underestimated as an investment.


We admit it: hating Crocs is a bit of a way of life. The misshapen silhouette, all the holes, the rubber look - Crocs belong, if at all, to the feet of our gardening parents or our dentist. Or so we thought. But the following tweet changed our perspective:

Revenue boost in the crisis

CNBC reporter Kevin Stankiewicz writes of a 1,322 percent increase in Crocs shares - and has been since 2017! For comparison, he cites Tesla, whose stocks have "only" increased by 950 percent over the same period. And the success continues to grow: CEO Andrew Rees speaks of record sales that the plastic slippers achieved in the first quarter of 2021. In addition, the company expects sales to increase by 40 to 50 percent by the end of the year.

Crocs are not suitable for the office, nor are they welcome at cocktail parties, afterwork or other social events. But let's be honest: They're damn comfortable! And after a year of global crisis and constant being at home - which shoe could better suit our current zeitgeist? And which shoe could better complement our growing loungewear collection? Just!

How do I style Crocs correctly?

Well, we agreed that Crocs are actually incredibly cozy. But which combination will finally convince us to wear the shoes on the street too?

The answer can be found - as is so often the case - with the Stars & Starlets. Singer Ariana Grande, for example, combines them with an oversized sweatshirt and white socks, actress Ruby Rose prefers a full-body punk look with multi-colored crocs and musician Justin Bieber loves his cuddly toy-heavy, self-designed pair in lilac:

What all celebs have in common is self-confidence! Whoever wears the parts with conviction is not only immune to skeptical sideways glances, but has already won anyway. Everything in life works with the right attitude - including wearing Crocs! Our styling tip therefore: casual, relaxed and with a wink. We only prefer a different choice of shoes for cocktail dresses and business suits.

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