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The hype about Hailey Bieber: It's so easy to imitate her style
The hype about Hailey Bieber: It's so easy to imitate her style

She is definitely one of the coolest women in the fashion industry and with her signature looks she sets trends as soon as she leaves the house. But how does she do it? We have analyzed Hailey Bieber's outfits and tell you how easy it is to recreate her looks.

The hype about Hailey Bieber: It's so easy to imitate her style!
The hype about Hailey Bieber: It's so easy to imitate her style!

The it-girl attitude is almost innate to Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin). Her father is the famous actor Stephen Baldwin, she is under contract with the renowned agency IMG Models and her face graces numerous magazine covers. She has been a BFF with Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters for years. At least since the wedding with Music star Justin Bieber in September 2018 she knows the whole world anyway. But that's not the (only) reason why we celebrate them.

Hailey Bieber is THE one Trendsetter of the hour. Millions of women take their special and nevertheless perfectly imitable style as an example. And that's why we're taking a closer look at her styling.

Because her outfits are unmistakably "Hailey", you creative mix of styles meanwhile her trademark. Sure, Hailey Bieber can afford the coolest brands in the world and yes, the advice of a top stylist is not available to everyone, but there are definitely some tricks that we can learn from the fashionista.

The look of Hailey Bieber


At the latest since the first corona lockdown in March 2020, we have Jeans versus sweatpants exchanged and now wear the comfortable garment almost every day. Why not? After all, sweatpants are super soft and cozy. But not only that: You can also conjure up really casual looks with it.

Hailey Bieber shows us how: She simply combines a sweatshirt in a matching color. No matter if black, white or a bright color - the main thing Tone in tone. Accessories are also important for a jogging outfit: with cool earrings and stylish sunglasses, the look is complete and we no longer look like we just fell out of bed.


It is clearly one of her favorite items of clothing. In the past, blazers were often labeled a totally boring piece of clothing, but see Hailey: It all depends on the cut. Whether with jeans or trousers, Hailey proves how versatile one blazer can use.

Oversized coats

Long coats are another key piece in Hailey's closet. They keep you warm and also give a simple outfit one edgy touch. It is best to choose a model that is at least calf-length. A little tip: buy the coat one size larger. Then it falls cooler and thicker sweaters fit underneath without any problems.

Wide jeans

Hailey wears jeans quite often. Lately, in particular, you can see her in either high-waisted mom jeans or low-cut jeans Baggy jeans. Skinny jeans? Not that popular at the moment. Sorry to all skinny jeans lovers out there!

Pant suits

Pantsuits are currently more popular than ever. The reason for this is obvious: it has never been so easy to look stylish. In the end, you have to give zero thought to your outfit. Blazers and pants are often the same to buy in a set, Add a basic t-shirt or sweater, put on your sneakers, done. By the way, Hailey has been rocking this look since 2017. A real trendsetter.

Gold Jewellery

What should definitely not be missing in Hailey Bieber's jewelry box is golden hoop earrings. She has several pierced ears and usually wears several hoops at the same time. As for chains, she just layers different gold chains. Whether snake chain, bold chain, coin chain - you name it. The main thing is layered. An easy way to add coolness to a basic outfit.

Small pockets

She almost always has it with her: a small shoulder bag. Mostly there are models in black or white that go with it everywhere. Every now and then she also uses bright colors that match the outfit. Lately there are very often models of Bottega Veneta- such as the cassette bag or the pouch. And we understand. These bags are real a dream. But seriously: You can be stylish even without a 2000 euro bag. The only and top rule: stay away from fakes!

Black sunglasses

High-quality sunglasses with an edgy cut can add incredible value to an outfit and give it the coolness it needs. Hailey Bieber knows that too. Most of the time she puts on Models in black, that go with it everywhere. She very often wears the Celine "Edge" and the Saint Laurent "New Wave SL276". Both are square cut and - oh no! - currently sold out. Often there are still trend models like this one Second hand to get hold of. Have a look at Vestiaire Collective. In addition: Hailey Bieber is often seen in Ray Ban's classic "Round Metal". And they still exist!


Hailey very often wears flat shoes - the low ones seem her all time favorites Air Force 1stto be from Nike. The white sneakers go with it everywhere and, by the way, are also editorial approved: Clearly the most comfortable shoes in the world!

Tiny tattoos

Perhaps an accessory that is a bit more cumbersome to get than to get new trend shades. Should also be a little bit better considered. Nonetheless, we love Haileys Fine line tattoos!She is now over 19. Who would have thought? Many of the tattoos are so small and hidden that you can't see them at first glance.

Black clothes

Whether for a date night with Justin or at the Met Gala, black dresses are the go-out look that you most often see on her at the moment. The color is classic, the cuts are edgy.

Sleek low bun

The Sleek Low Bun - a strict, low bun - is currently THE trend hairstyle of the stars and clearly belongs to Haileys too Favorite hairstyles. No wonder, after all, it's the perfect hairstyle to hide a bad hair day. And you automatically look like you've thought about your hairstyle.

Simply draw a strict middle parting, tie your hair in a bun at the nape of the neck, put some hairspray on top and you're done. Nothing easier than that. Which brings us to the next style secret … namely:

Matching Srunchies

Scrunchies were THE hair accessory of the 80s and 90s, then in the 2000s they had an ultra-uncool image. (We remember a scene in Sex and the City where Carrie is totally shocked at how a woman can seriously wear the said accessory …) They are now covered with fabricBut hair ties have been back for some time. Trend-conscious women like Hailey Bieber have several of them in their closets. Namely, to color them on Vote outfit to be able to. So simple and so cool!

Gentle waves

For years, Hailey had this signature hairstyle: light blonde and chin length or shoulder length at most. Since she's been wearing her hair longer again, there has been another change: the light blonde is a thing of the past - hers Natural hair color light brownhas been used again for a long time. She likes to wear them openly with gentle waves.

Bucket hats

It looks like Hailey loves bucket hats - she's been wearing them all the time lately, whether on the beach or in winter, bucket hats are those all year round applicable. They can be combined in many ways and go well with a bikini or oversized coat.

Baby braids

The trend hairstyle of the year has, of course, left its mark on Style Icon Hailey Bieber.

Two trends combined: baby braids plus a bucket hat. Like we.

Natural make-up and a radiant glow

Hailey is an avowed skincare enthusiast and swears by a natural look. She regularly gives her fans skin care tips on Instagram and YouTube and shows them which skincare products she uses herself. "I've always been an advocate of natural beauty, but I think the older I get, the more I enjoy (this naturalness). I don't always wear make-up and when I do, just a little concealer, eyebrows (gel) and mascara, "she says in an interview with Australian Vogue.

By the way, Hailey could soon bring out her own beauty line called "Rhode" (after her middle name). At least, according to the US online newspaper TMZ, she recently secured the rights to this name. We are excited.

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