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Playsuit: The fashionable (and uncomplicated) highlight of summer
Playsuit: The fashionable (and uncomplicated) highlight of summer

Watch out! A new trend piece is coming that will pass as a fashion staple this summer. We'll show you what makes the ultra-comfortable fashion buddy and how you can stage it skilfully.

Playsuit: The fashionable (and uncomplicated) highlight of summer
Playsuit: The fashionable (and uncomplicated) highlight of summer

While the beads of sweat collect on our foreheads for a happy get-together and slowly make their way directly into the eyes, water retention in our limbs makes itself comfortable. Oh, summer - finally you are there … NOT! At a scorching 37 degrees just existing can become the challenge of the summer!

Well, and since we can hardly move from A to B poodle-naked, but rather one or the other textile layer should cover our astral body, we have thought about which comfortable, but also trendy clothing item will put an end to these torments could. The result: the playsuit!

In theory, one could also use the term romper here. But because that doesn't sound very stylish (and also not really grown-up), we stick with the term playsuit. This is a casual one-piece with short legs, but the sleeve lengths can vary.


Hailey sets the tone (again)

How can we be so sure that the playsuit is actually a big trend? Well, Hailey Bieber was spotted with it back in March. And everything that Hailey wears is to be seen as a trend - in fashion this is an unwritten rule.

For her look, the it girl and model decided on a knitted model from Jacquemus. The "Le Body" impresses with its refined look, in which delicate rib knit made of a fine stretch viscose blend meets subtly crafted cup details and knotted shoulder straps. The model is available in ecru and black.

They make for a great climate

In order not to completely get out of your skin in the heat, you should definitely pay attention to the material when choosing your summer playsuit. Because: everything that cools, is air-permeable and regulates moisture is your textile jackpot.

In the best case scenario, you can use ecological pieces right away, because they do not require any chemicals and are not only good for you, but also for the environment.

Here are the top fibers for hot days:

  • Viscose:falls nicely, dries quickly and is comfortable on the skin.
  • Silk: has a cooling effect and is particularly easy.
  • Cotton: is breathable, dries quickly and is very easy to care for.
  • Linen: is odor and dirt repellent and very robust. It is also very moisture-regulating.
  • Hemp: is cooling, antimicrobial and protects against UV rays.
  • Tencel: offers high breathability and optimally absorbs moisture.
  • Cool Wool: is made from the finest merino wool and has a heat retention capacity, which regulates skin breathing and ensures an exchange of oxygen.

And this is how it works with styling

We also refer to the playsuit as an "easy-going piece" because you don't need much fashion know-how for its styling! As with any other outfit, it should be determined in advance in which direction the final look should go.

In terms of fashion, do you generally rely on sportiness? (Platform) sneakers, (flatform) sandals and mules cut a particularly good figure here. But the currently very popular slides also like to join the trendy one-piece! If you like, you can also let white socks flash out.

Need even more cosiness? Here comes the next good news! The trend can easily be implemented in a laissez-faire style, as influencer Karin Teigl proved during her island break in Ibiza. She relied on the tried and tested for her floral onepiece and strolled to dinner in a barefoot look.

On the other hand, woven mules, brogues or chunky loafers provide an elegant touch - especially when they are combined with delicate knee socks. Pointed or squared heels exude even more noble vibes.

Finally, a tip from the fashion editorial team: When it comes to playsuit styling, you are welcome to think bigger. For optimal (and extra casual) styling, we advise you to shop this summer must-have one or two sizes larger! This makes the look casual and light. And by the way, in summer it is much nicer with non-fitting clothes anyway.

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