The coolest parts of late summer? Colorful shirts
The coolest parts of late summer? Colorful shirts
constantlyk, fashion, fashion, valentino, blouse, blouse dress,
constantlyk, fashion, fashion, valentino, blouse, blouse dress,

Just when you think it will be boring, the fashion designers of this world come up with something new. This time on the fashion radar of our favorite It girls: Colorful shirts. And we in the WOMAN editorial team also love them very much, because they are so versatile. After all, you can easily upgrade simple looks with it. It just makes a difference when you walk through the city in summer, put on a simple outfit and a oversized shirt in a bright color.

Particularly cool styled by Susanna Wurz: light, wide trousers and a white knitted top - plus the green shirt. Left open, it looks like you've just had the part casually thrown over, and even buttoned up as a shirt dress à la Xenia Adonts, the look is pretty nice. Do it like the two fashionistas and combine them with flip-flops - with or without heels, it doesn't matter.

When it comes to fashion, Austria’s mega-blogger is also a mega-blogger Karin Teigl aka Constantly Kright at the front. She has delighted her 220,000 fans for years with her shrill, yet wearable outfits. Her style is loud, funny and incredibly cool - just like Karin herself.

In the meantime she even has her own label, with CYK she mainly relies on fairly produced, durable unisex pieces that can be worn in many different ways. Three to four times a year, in addition to the basic collection, there are smaller, limited drops under the name CYK Studio. Stand here edgy and extraordinary pieces in focus. Anyone who follows the 36-year-old from Salzburg on Instagram knows: she is pretty crazy about fashion.

The colorful shirts that were launched at the last CYK Studio Drop hit him perfectly current zeitgeist. It's obvious that the trend is cool. Nevertheless we asked ourselves …

WOMAN: Karin, how did you come up with the idea of designing colorful shirts?

TEIGL: The first drop was actually relatively simple in terms of colors, a bit more 'mainstream'. But everyone who knows me knows: I love to wear bright colors. The crazier, the better. Not always possible with a brand, of course, you have to be able to sell the whole thing. But I thought, yo, let's do it!

"It's time to shine again, also in fashion."

The pieces - at CYK they are called Poppy Dresses - can be worn as a blouse dress or as an oversize shirt. It was important to her to create something that you would also like to wear away from the beach. "The shirts are also great as an evening outfit, cool pimped … You can generally use the piece in a variety of ways."

Why are colorful shirts so popular?

TEIGL:Because they put you in a good mood! I think, especially after the last year and a half, it is time to shine again, also in fashion. Not just going out monotonous to make a statement and I think it makes you happy to wear color. Maybe that's why the hype is so great.

Do you have any styling tips if you don't want to be so flashy?

TEIGL: Then I would wear it very simply, with flip-flops in summer or a simple Converse All Star in black or white. A black bag with it and maybe a blazer over it. Then it's a statement, but still not so 'in your face'.

And what if you want to come across as mega-shrill?

TEIGL: (Laughs.) Well, if you want to wear it crazy, I would definitely do color blocking. I don't know, for example pink trousers to go with the orange shirt. Then that's an absolutely cool look, a full throttle statement. That’s shrill. And color blocking is known to be back in fashion. From that point of view I would say: just do it.

Fashion blogger Nina Sandblech makes it especially cool: She wears two colorful shirts in lavender and pink on top of each other. The remaining pieces - pants, top, shoes and bag - are each kept in green. Unusual but fancy:The green tones are totally different.

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