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6 between-seasons jackets we'll wear this fall
6 between-seasons jackets we'll wear this fall

Sometimes it's too warm, then again too cold: Now is the time to find a suitable transition jacket. These 6 models are particularly cool!

6 between-seasons jackets we'll wear this fall!
6 between-seasons jackets we'll wear this fall!

We really can't deny it anymore: autumn is here! Even if the season brings many beautiful sides with it: Pumpkin Spice Latte (here you will find a healthy recipe to make yourself!), Halloween, long walks and cozy afternoons on the couch (and here the best new films and series!), It is the greatest challenge is rather the perfect transitional wardrobe put together. During the day it is often quite warm, in the evening it is usually quite fresh. We all know the dilemma: summer clothes are too cold, winter clothes too warm. We are showing you six models that we will see more often in the coming months.

One proven fashion method for the transition period is and remains the layering. You grab a cool jacket and tinker with your outfit: Underneath is a sweater, underneath which in turn a top. So you have all sorts of options: If it's warm, you only wear the top (maybe with the jacket over it), the sweater is either casually tied on or you stuff it in your handbag. If it's cooler, you wear all three things.

By the way: Next week, October 14th, is WOMAN DAY! The perfect opportunity for a little transition jacket hunt. Just saying …

1. Trench coats

Yes, this is a well-tried classic. But a trench coat is ALWAYS possible! It was invented by Thomas Burberry in the 19th century and has never gone out of style to this day. For an elegant look, simply choose the coat in your own size, for a more casual fit simply shop two or three sizes larger. Vintage models in XXL are particularly popular at the moment. Have a look at Arian Alexander Commone in Vienna or online at Vestiaire Collective.

2. Leather coats

A long black coat made of synthetic leather is not only incredibly casual, but also keeps you really warm. For the ultimate 90ies look, we combine black slim sunnies like Kendall Jenner.

3. Oversize blazer

The oversize blazer has been holding up for some time … and rightly so! After all, these models are simply Power Dressing Deluxe! You can't help but feel strong and confident in an outfit like this. Chic, but still cool, the blazer is equally suitable for the office or for the evening. The queen of oversize blazers Hailey Bieber shows how it's done. By the way, you can find more cool looks and all their style secrets here.

4. College jackets

Sporty leisurewear - or rather athleisure - is one of the biggest fashion trends at the moment. Leggings, sweatpants, hoodies, cool sneakers … and a college jacket on top. Perfect. Here you can find out what is important when it comes to athleisure style.

5. Check pattern

Whether as a jacket, coat or shacket, checked pattern is simply a must-have in the closet. Checkered pieces can be combined in many ways and are a real classic that are worth investing in. Boots are especially nice. These boot models are particularly popular this fall!

6. Quilted jackets

Quilted jackets have long been considered a boring, rather conservative piece of clothing. Not true, we say. It all depends on the cut!

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