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Fall fashion: It's time for boots
Fall fashion: It's time for boots

Boot time starts again! We'll tell you what the hottest models of the season are and how you can best style them.

boots, high knee, boots, bottega veneta, prada, trends, fashion, mode
boots, high knee, boots, bottega veneta, prada, trends, fashion, mode

"These boots are made for walkin '. And that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you …" A song that I just couldn't get out of my head while writing this article. You no longer either? You are welcome.

Even if we don't really want to let the summer go, we are now looking forward a tiny bit to the autumn trends. In addition to soft knitwear and cozy coats, that also means: It's boot time again! The cool thing: a lot of it was already in last year. So maybe one or the other piece is already in our closet!

Here are three of the most beautiful trends - with lots of great styling ideas from our favorite fashion bloggers, of course. Please do it!

1. Knee high

Classic riding boots are very popular season after season. Now they come with a modern twist. As with all current shoe trends, the current motto is: the chunkier, the better.

To leggings

Fashion entrepreneur Xenia Adonts in a cool all-black look. The high boots come into their own thanks to the tight leggings, and the oversized jacket gives the outfit even more casualness.

In white

Stylist, author and blogger Pernille Teisbaek is known for her minimalist, Scandinavian style. The combination of knee-high boots, light knitted dress and the white bag is a cozy everyday look that looks great.

With a blazer

It can be so simple: mini dress, boots, an oversize blazer with it. And done!

2. Black chunky boots

All black

A simple, black look: leggings, blazers and boots with thick rubber soles.

To jeans

The shoes go wonderfully with the blue jeans and the black sweater. The eye-catching sole is particularly beautiful.

To the raincoat

We love this checked raincoat from fashion entrepreneur Matilda Djerf. The black chunky boots and the black bag go perfectly with it.

3. Two-tone Chelsea boots

Ever since mega fashionista Hailey Bieber (read all about her style here) strolled through the streets of L. A. in red and black boots from Bottega Veneta last year, two-tone, chunky Chelsea boots have become an integral part of the current fashion world. In Hailey's case, it's a summer outfit, but nonetheless: trend is trend.

tone in tone

A nice autumn outfit in different shades of green and brown. The olive green of the blazer picks up on the boot color.

For rainy days

With such a sole, you won't get your feet wet even on rainy days. Chunkier is almost impossible - but we love how the black and white of the clothes can also be found in the shoes. The small but fine splash of color, namely the lilac-colored sole, becomes an eye-catcher.

Need more inspiration?

In our new, well-stocked WOMAN trend booklet, we show you our favorite boot models. You can also find more autumn trends! When it comes to shoe fashion, we are prepared for all eventualities. Have fun while reading! The new WOMAN will be in stores from Thursday, September 9th.

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