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We do these city trips in autumn
We do these city trips in autumn

Whether London, Prague or Turin - we'll reveal the coolest hotspots for your next city trip. We would like to book immediately. You too?

We do these city trips in autumn!
We do these city trips in autumn!

Turin, Italy

When you think of a city trip to Italy, Turin is definitely not the first city on your radar. Rather, Milan, Rome or Venice probably first come to mind. The reason why you Turin is definitely on your travel bucket list should put: It is a piece of real, authentic Italy. The capital of the Piedmont region in northern Italy is less touristy than some other cities and is therefore a real insider tip. The mild climate makes it a great travel destination all year round.

On a stroll through Turin, the magnificent baroque buildings will particularly catch your eye. Piazza Vittorio, Piazza Castello or Piazza San Carlo are just some of the many splendid places that people look and take for photos Admire architectureinvite. The Parco del Valentino, a beautiful park and one of several green oases in the city, is located directly on the Po, the longest river in Italy. The view of the Alps is also wonderful.

Incidentally, this is also shown in Turin Italian cuisine loved worldwide at their best: On every corner you will find cute restaurants with inexpensive, authentic dishes. "Da Cianci Piola Caffe" and "FraDiavolo" are a must!

London, England

Great museums, beautiful architecture, cool neighborhoods and a very special city vibe draw us to the fashion metropolis again and again. London is time-honored and at the same time incredibly hip, there is also so much to discover that a short trip is actually not enough to see everything.

The best and cheapest way to get around is probably the London Underground, also known as the Tube, or the numerous red double-decker buses. Even though London is huge, it's still worth it walk as often as possible to go. This is the only way to really perceive a city and feel part of it.

Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Royal Courts of Justice, St. Paul's Cathedral or Buckingham Palace are of course buildings that you have to see. Especially the Shoreditch and SoHo neighborhoods are very hip - and are ideal as a shopping paradise for anyone who visits more unusual pieces (this is also where the hearts of vintage lovers will beat faster!). The area around Oxford Street is also great for shopping, but here are the typical shops that can be found in any big city. Streetwear fans will find what they are looking for in Dover Street Market: the scene that shops there attracts, as if every day was fashion week. Splendid!

Much cooler than Camden Market, in my opinion, is the one Portobello Road Market: Unusual vintage shops, cool flea markets with books and magazines from bygone times and delicious street food stands are on the program.

London's eclectic food sceneOf course, this should not be ignored either. Numerous market halls invite you to taste it, one of the best is the Borough Market. If you want fancy beers and traditional fast food such as fish & chips, you are well advised to go to the many pubs. Particularly cozy with its living room atmosphere is the "Sawyers Arms" in Paddington.

Last but not least, one can of course Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros Studios not missing. This is so popular that it is usually fully booked six months in advance. Marvel at the Great Hall, Albus Dumbledore's office, have a sip of Butterbeer or take a stroll through Diagon Alley. The tour is so cool, by the way, that even non-Potterheads will get their money's worth because there is so much to marvel at.

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech capital is best known for its versatile architecture: colorful baroque buildings, medieval castles, Gothic churches and beautiful bridges as far as the eye can see. The wide, cobblestone Charles Bridge is one of the oldest and most famous bridges in the city, reminiscent of times gone by. When crossing, there is a breathtaking view of both halves of the city. On the west side of the bridge, look out for a small, somewhat hidden sign that says "Roesel - Craft Beer & Cake" - this is one of the coolest cafes, I've ever visited Be sure to order the bread with spread and the "Hot Organic Apple Juice"!

You can explore the Old Town Square best on foot. It is one of the most beautiful squares in Prague, where the 600-year-old Town Hall with its impressive astronomical clock is located. There are also many caf├ęs here - just sit in and enjoy the atmosphere. If you walk a little further, you will find the impressive Tetny Church with its two pointed black towers, that tower high in the air.

Another sight to see definitely not to be missedmay leave is the Prague Castle. High up on a hill there is a breathtaking view of the whole city. There is also a lot to discover within the castle grounds: winding streets, colorful houses and the "Golden Lane", where the writer Franz Kafka lived for a while and where, according to legend, gold was made by the alchemists hundreds of years ago.

Incidentally, the best way to get from A to B is on foot or by tram. Line 22 is particularly suitable excellent for a city tour.

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