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Cheated on by the same man! And now?
Cheated on by the same man! And now?

Three young women find out that their boyfriend is cheating on them - together, at the same time. Read what they did here. Spoiler: We definitely didn't expect that!

Cheated on by the same man! And now?
Cheated on by the same man! And now?

It was just a coincidence. Somebody you only really know from Hollywood films. In this case the leading actresses: the three young Americans Bekah King, 18, Abi Roberts, 19, and Morgan Tabor, 21. The friends are currently living their own version of the American Dream - they have been traveling with a converted one since the end of June School bus across the USA. On Instagram they share their experiences with the so-called BAM-Bus, whose name is derived from the first letters of their first names (Bekah, Abi, Morgan), with over 60,000 followers.

"We are currently in California", tell them in conversation with WOMAN. Their story is not only that of a shared adventure, but also one of solidarity among women. But that's also the happy ending. So let's start over. It is particularly remarkable how the young women found each other …


One evening in December 2020, one of them, Morgan Tabor, had a strange feeling about her boyfriend at the time. She got suspicious "because he was always so busy," as she reports. So Morgan did what all digital natives would do: you scoured its social media accounts - and a little later could hardly believe her eyes. Because in addition to numerous comments from other women, she also discovered the profile of a stranger online. On it: the guy she thought was her boyfriend with another. In amorous poses.

Instead of confronting her partner about it, the 21-year-old contacted the said woman. "I can't describe how I felt. For me, a world collapsed", Morgan remembers. But that was not all: After the two had exchanged ideas, they discovered another account together, which they thought was sharing photos with their - as they thought - exclusive friend. Those of Abi Roberts, who are also in a Relationship with the cheater was.

To talk about their shared experiences, they decided to call via Facetime. When suddenly her unfaithful friend stood at Morgan's door to surprise her. She immediately held the cell phone with the active call in front of his face: "Shortly before that, we had talked about how we should best confront him with it, when he was already there. He was totally shocked I will never forget his look. It was a film-ready scene! " But that's not all: At the end of their online research, it turned out that six women in total were with the same guy and didn't know about each other. One of them was Bekah King, with whom Morgan and Abi are traveling across the United States today - after they all cut off contact with their ex.

Thirst for adventure

How do you get the idea to travel together after so much drama and heartbreak? "Our ex-boyfriend raved about the idea to all of us, too to take a bus on a road trip. Because each of us wanted to do it, we decided without further ado to simply plan it without him, "say the three. From the first conversation they would have understood that they were on the same side. Instead of being jealous of each other, Bekah showed himself, Abi and Morgan show solidarity and strengthen each other.

»Across the USA on the school bus«

In March, the Americans finally found an old school bus, which they jointly renovated extensively - also as a kind Processing the events, As they see in retrospect: "We were all hurt by the same man. It took a lot of courage and trust to talk about it. But the fact that we experienced the same thing also helped us to process it. It was very healing." Now they rarely talk about their ex. "Though he brought us together our friendship has grown far beyond him, "they say. The fact that they deal so openly with their story also encourages other affected people. Many women have already written to the BAM bus crew that they Been through something similar to have.

What have the three of them taken with them from their trip so far? "How important it is to yourself Time to healgain weight. Don't let the things that hurt you define you, but turn that energy into something positive and it will work itself out suddenly new possibilities Open up! "We may soon find out how the road trip ends from Hollywood. They only reveal this much:" Keep your eyes open."

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