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We wear these nail trends in autumn
We wear these nail trends in autumn

In the summer it seemed as if our fingernails couldn't be colorful and patterned enough. We asked the Viennese it nail studio Babetown what is particularly popular this autumn.

We wear these nail trends in autumn!
We wear these nail trends in autumn!

The time when nail art was called chubby seems to be a thing of the past. In the summer we mostly saw on Instagram long, colorful and patterned nails, which is not least thanks to It girls like Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber or Chiara Ferragni. In addition, more and more trends from the 2000s are coming back to us: French nails and gel nails with nail stickers, rhinestones or patterns.

The motto definitely seemed to many people "more is more"to be. The increasingly popular Shellac (nail polish is hardened with UV light and lasts three to four weeks without flaking) did the rest - Nail salons are booming stronger than ever.

But how does it look like in autumn? Which colors are trending now? After all, we're in the meantime cozy season passed over. The change from summer to autumn usually also changes how we feel fashionable. It's colder outside, it gets dark faster and we are more at home again. Many people use muted colors - in clothing and nail polish. Are we maybe even going back a bit in the direction of less noticeable? The girls from the Viennese it nail studio Babetown tell us which styles are currently the most popular.

Nail trends in autumn

Dark colours

With autumn, darker colors come back to our nails. Fir green, burgundy red or dark blue tones are the ideal autumn colors, tell us the Babetown experts.

Trend color brown

However, nails in different shades of brown are particularly popular this season. In general, brown is currently one of the most popular trend colors and looks great on a wide variety of skin types.


French nails, which rose in popularity again last year, continue to stay cool and get an autumn makeover. Think of a French manicure here, for example Tips in the trend color brownor in other dark tones. Matt textures are also becoming more popular again in the colder months of the year and are great for French nails by combining them with glossy varnish, for example.


Men's manis

Not just a trend for fall, but for the next few years Nail design for men. Celebrities like Harry Styles, Joe Jonas or Lil Nas X show how it is: manicures are not just for women. Nail designs and painted nails can look good on everyone and provide variety and cool looks. Here, too, the spectrum ranges from inconspicuous manicures to stickers with letters or words to eye-catching designs.


Swirls - "vortex" - is a pattern trend that from the seventiescomes. It can currently be found in the wardrobe of many fashionistas and has meanwhile also crept into the world of nail trends. Depending on the choice of color, the look can be kept conspicuous or simple - in any case, it looks incredibly good.


And what shape?

The almond shape is currently very popular. Even short nails can be optically lengthened in this way.

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