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We have tested the Dyson Airwrap - that is our conclusion
We have tested the Dyson Airwrap - that is our conclusion

It stands for great curls and silky, shiny hair and is still very much in vogue: the Dyson Airwrap. Does one of the world's most expensive hair styling tools do what it says on the tin? Plus: that's what the hairdressers say!

We have tested the Dyson Airwrap - that is our conclusion!
We have tested the Dyson Airwrap - that is our conclusion!

Generally I'm in rather lazy in terms of styling, for several reasons: I do a lot of sport and my hair greases relatively quickly, which is why I just don't have the leisure, almost a huge effort every day to operate with a straightening iron or curling iron and also to expose them to the heat as often as possible.

It's been different since I got the Airwrap. But more on that later in my personal conclusion. Let's start with the basics:

What is the Dyson Airwrap?

The Airwrap comes in a box that contains the styler itself (which is plugged into the electricity) and various attachments. Including a hair dryer several curling attachments and several styling brushes. There is even for particularly long hair Extra attachments.

Now you have different options: Either you buy the complete package with all products, kits with the most important basics ("Kit 1", "Kit 2", … each containing four attachments) or you put together what you want individually.

How does the Dyson Airwrap work?

The styling tool makes use of an aerodynamic phenomenon known as "Coanda Effect"referred to as. This occurs when an air stream flows close to a surface at high speed and adheres to it due to pressure differences.

So around the curl attachment there is an air stream that "sucks" the hair in and out automatically around the attachment wraps around. This creates curls that are clearly visible less heat manage than one is used to with conventional styling tools. The air is distributed along the strands, making the hair supple. Negatively charged ions in the air stream also reduce static electricity. What comes out of it: gorgeous, voluminous curls with a feeling like after the hairdresser.

The best results are achieved when you keep your hair in damp condition wraps around the essays. The wet hair is blow-dried briefly with the blow-dryer attachment and then shaped with the curling attachment. By the way, he even is suitable for extensions.


That's how it's done:

For simplicity, we'll divide the hair into sections. Hold a strand of hair on the highest temperature and airflow setting for about 15 seconds or until it is dry. Then about 10 seconds on the Fix cold setting. Then simply pull the device down, out of the curl, so to speak. Incidentally, so that the curls turn in the right direction, there are separate attachments for the right and left halves of the face, which are marked with arrows. The thinner the strands, the better. Taking too many hairs at once, the suction no longer works properly.

Can you straighten hair with the Airwrap?

The easiest way to achieve silky, straight hair is with the various brush attachments. They also suck in these and bring them into shape by means of a stream of air. Instead of winding them up somewhere, simply brush them Hair straightened strand by strand.


Depending on how much the respective hair is curled, Dyson has different brushes Releases. For my hair (very "normal" - not too fine and not too thick) the "Smoothing Brush" is ideal. In addition to the classic sleek look, this is perfect for imitating Rachel's signature look from Friends: when straightening, twist the attachment at the ends of the hair a little.

What does the Airwrap cost?

The various kits, each with four attachments, cost 449 euros, the complete version costs 499 euros.

Personal conclusion:

I love the airwrap! The effort is really minimal - with a little practice, hair styling can be done very quickly. Perfect for those who don't like styling like me, who don't want to spend too much time in the bathroom in the morning.

At the back of the head, styling is of course a bit more difficult - you have to be a little careful that you do Forgets not a single strand. The curls get really beautiful and the Hair look sleek the end. They look totally voluminous and really give you that fresh-from-the-hairdresser feeling, which I would not have thought possible at first. For really intense curls, however, it is unsuitable: For me, they hang out a bit during the day become light waves.


Since the Airwrap is not exactly cheap (quote from my father: "What ?! 500 euros for a hairdryer ?!") I definitely recommend it to try before buying, whether the styling lasts with your own hair. You can try it out in the store at many providers.

What sometimes annoys me a bit is that the box is relatively big and that's why you have to use it not easy to take with you can. Yes, there is a lot in it and the device plus accessories are adequately protected, but you definitely think twice about taking the Airwrap with you when you travel. But that has nothing to do with the function of the tool per se.

In addition to the curl attachments, I personally also like the "smoothing brush" - but my colleague thinks that it does not work well on her fine hair because it becomes static.

Even if, as I said, it is expensive, it is definitely not just a simple hair dryer (which I explained to my father, of course …) It is rather a great, revolutionary hair styling technology that offers many different possibilities connects in one device. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether it is worth the investment. For me, the time saved and the result that he achieved with my hair were the decisive factors why I finally decided to buy an Airwrap.

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