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Jeanne Damas: Beauty secrets of a real French woman
Jeanne Damas: Beauty secrets of a real French woman

She is one of the coolest Parisians ever: She became famous for her approach to modern French chic. We take a look at her beauty routine …

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jeanne damas, french chic, french style, beauty, french beauty,

She walks through the city with a slightly disheveled mane, long bangs and smudged red lipstick, a baguette in her basket bag surrounded by a touch of Chanel number five. She sits down in the Café de Flore, orders a glass of red wine and smokes a cigarette. It's only afternoon, but the Frenchwoman doesn't care. After all, there is a certain nonchalance involved. This is the typical Parisian cliché: an ideal that the whole world seems to emulate.

The modern Parisian

Jeanne Damas is a model, influencer and fashion entrepreneur. Hardly anyone embodies the style of the French girl as real and effortlessly as she does. Why? Quite simply: Because it is one. She met designer Jean-Paul Gaultier in her parents' brasserie and was here for the first time in touch with the fashion world. When she was at school, she did an internship with him in his studio. It was the time before Instagram and TikTok: youth culture was scrolling on Tumblr in the late 2000s.

Her breakthrough

Her posts, analog snapshots from her everyday life - parties, her life in Paris, her cool, natural look - excite them too Attention from later industry colleagueslike Simon Porte Jacquemus (back then still at the beginning of his career) or brands that you hire as models or brand ambassadors.

Jeanne would never have thought that her little online photo diary would be the cornerstone of a whole career. And yet Tumblr was her ticket to the international fashion world. In 2016, at the age of 24, she founded her fashion and cosmetics label Rouje (like rouge, red, and the J for "Jeanne") and left with it through the ceiling.

The secret of the brand's success: Every single piece corresponds to its style. You don't just buy a piece of clothing - you buy a piece true French girl lifestyle. It's a cliché. And she plays with it. "I am simply myself. I don't change my look. I don't follow trends ", she tells the Allure. She seems to be doing something right: Her signature look - jeans, cardigans, floral wrap dresses, red lipstick and messy hair - inspires millions. (Here we reveal more French fashion secrets to you!)

Jeanne Damas’beauty look

All in all, her look is very natural and minimalist. Their credo is very clear: less is more. She tells French Vogue: "I only need five minutes to put on my make-up, I always leave my hair open."


She cleanses her face with a mild washing gel from the pharmacy. Then a moisturizer and SPF - Damas prefers to use face oils instead of creams. They conjure you up gorgeous glow.

The best beauty tip she has ever received comes from Maman, of course: Use a sun protection factor of 50 all year round, including in winter. Speaking of SPF - in our large suncare guide we tell you everything you need to know about sun protection and tanning.

Make up

Thick layers of makeup are a no-go. She only treads a light foundation or a bit of concealer to cover individual pimples or redness.

The cheeks get a touch of color - simply work a little red lipstick onto the cheekbones with your middle finger. The natural beauty is emphasized, not painted over. Skin can be imperfect.

Never without an eyelash curler

Jeanne usually does not ink her eyelashes, but they are bent into shape with an eyelash curler. Your favorite beauty tool.


The eyebrows stay natural and messy. The only one: transparent gel. "I like it when the brows aren't perfect."


Her love for red lipstick is so great that she has named an entire label after it. Without lipstickshe never leaves the house - if not red, then nude or brown.


A classic French cut, how could it be otherwise? She has been wearing her long bob with curtain bangs for years. Simple air dry and openpermit. If necessary, shape the bangs with a round brush. Noticeable clips? Colorful scrunchies? You won't find it in Jeanne's wardrobe.

Damas doesn't follow many beauty rules for her look: "It should be effortless: I like flaws, real skin, the little gaps in the eyebrows. It is these peculiarities, these imperfections that define beauty and that make us charming and unique appear."

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