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These are the best coats of the season
These are the best coats of the season

Finding the perfect winter coat is not always that easy. We have a selection of coats for you that are comfortable AND stylish. We really cuddle up there!

These are the best coats of the season
These are the best coats of the season

You can say what you want about the winter - I definitely belong to the summer person too - but in terms of outfitting, a lot is definitely possible in the cold season. Just a great coat is a absolute must-have: No matter how basic the outfit underneath is - if the coat is fancy, you can look pretty stylish pretty easily.

It goes without saying that we also have some requirements: You should can be combined in many ways and be comfortable - and of course keep you warm. Finding the perfect coat can be difficult at times. To give you a little help in this regard, we looked at a wide variety of looks and put together the coolest trends that guaranteed longer than one season will hold!

Classic wool coat

A timeless piece that you can invest in. Because one thing is certain: classic woolen coats in neutral colors will definitely not go out of style. The Swiss influencer Olivia Faeh has a knack for trendy looks and combines a simple brown coat with a sweater and pants in the same color.

For an elegant fit, it is best to opt for a tailored model. Would you like more casualness, as always, choose one or two sizes larger.

Teddy coat

A trend that has persisted for several years now: teddy coats! The cozy outdoor look keeps you incredibly warm and can be elegant and edgystyle. We prefer to wear models in classic brown. Of course, we were particularly impressed by the luxury model from Max Mara, but it can also be cheaper. Whether Mango, H&M, Breuninger, Mytheresa and Co., we promise you will find it!


Coats in noble white and off-white nuancesare the hit! Regardless of whether it has a teddy look or a classic cut, the style is particularly casual in winter. Either we wear a dark outfit underneath as a contrast or go all in and make a white look out of it!

Puffer coat

Good news for those who feel cold all the time: Puffer coats are so warm that when you wear it it feels more like being wrapped in a huge blanket. Another plus point: there is enough space underneath to layer really nicely. So drink a puffer coat on and off to the Christmas market!

By the way: puffer jackets or coats are often classic down jackets, i.e. items of clothing that are filled with goose feathers. You should make sure that recycled down or (environmentally friendly) alternativesare included. The trend brand Pangaia, which is best known for its colorful jogging suits, which celebrities like Chiara and Co. like to wear, instead fills its puffer jackets with flowers. Find out more about it here!

Fluffy patchwork

Definitely an eye catcher, this patchwork coat by blogger Constantly K. The rest of the outfit remains (for her at least halfway) simple, the focus is on the coat.


From now on we show our courage to use color on gray days! The motto is dopamine dressing - the more intense, the better!

Two trends united: By the way, colorful puffer coats are also editorially approved!

Check pattern

Checks are also a trend that has come to stay. The great thing is that there are hundreds of different variations. It will definitely not be boring with checked coats! This outfit from Rouje founder and Style icon Jeanne Damasis particularly simple and chic. We like! (You can read the beauty secrets of the cool French woman for natural beauty here.)

Whichever style you choose, a hot tip is definitely in your mom, grandma's or her closet browse thrift stores. Many coat trends are repeated over and over again, and you can find wonderful vintage versions of classics such as wool or checked coats. And breathing new life into old clothes is well known most environmentally friendly way to go shopping.

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