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15 beauty hacks we can't do without
15 beauty hacks we can't do without

Contour nose with tweezers? Make-up with Tixo? I'm sorry, what? We have collected some extraordinary new tips for you. Here are 15 smart beauty hacks that you probably didn't know yet!

15 beauty hacks we can't do without!
15 beauty hacks we can't do without!

1. Hashtag: Smokey Eyes

If you're struggling with applying eyeshadow too, here's a great hack for you! You draw a hashtag on the movable lid with a black or gray eyeliner. Then blend the barcode with a small brush. Seductive look? #eyelike!

2. Finally a straight lip liner line

A perfectly contoured mouth takes a little practice and know-how from the beauty bag of tricks. In order not to make the lips narrower than they actually are, the lip liner is always pulled from the outside inwards towards the center, the so-called Cupid's bow. This creates a straight line and volume.

3. Contouring the nose made easy

Most important tool for this project? The tweezers. The tips are carefully dipped into contour powder and then pulled over the bridge of the nose. This creates two precisely parallel lines, making the nose appear straighter, narrower. Finally, blend the lines with a brush or sponge.

4. Intensify nail polish colors

Is the newly applied nail polish color significantly less intense and brilliant than in the bottle itself? To prevent bitter color disappointments, it helps to brush on a well-covering, white basecoat beforehand. If you then apply the desired bright color over it, it really stands out and creates a bang effect on your nails.

5. Gapless volume mane in no time at all

Do you dream of voluminous hair? What is one’s natural blessing is another’s problematic zone. So if you are struggling with gaps on the top of your head after tying your hair together, grab an eyeshadow in your hair color and apply it along your hairline. This means that your mane will shine in abundance!

6. Deodorant olé! Goodbye to friction and annoying bubbles

Have you ever heard of the fact that deodorants can be your savior in times of need for both thighs rubbing against each other and sore blisters on your feet? The production of sweat is suppressed by the creamy film that roll-on deodorants leave on the skin. This "protective layer" prevents annoying blisters and painful redness from developing.

7. Shine naturally instead of having a make-up look

Is your makeup credo high coverage? But do you still want to look natural? No problem! Either you use a primer with a subtle glow or you simply apply cream blush or cream bronzer in front of your foundation. In this way, every look has a natural finish, as the basic products give off a very soft shimmer through the make-up.

8. Lifetime for your razor blades

In summer it is used every day, in autumn it is occasionally given a short break - the razor. To prevent the blades from rusting, you can bathe them in olive or baby oil immediately after shaving. This protects against dulling influences such as dirt and moisture. Another benefit: after the oil bath, the blades slide extra gently over the skin

9. The lip balm trick for a kick of freshness

Everyone wants it: Dewy Skin! But how do you get it? The "dew-kissed" glow is usually conjured up with a highlighter. But since he's not always on board, a lip balm will do. It can be applied below the eyebrows, on the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the heart of the lips, where it unfolds its effect by reflecting the light and thus providing an extra dose of freshness on the face.

10. Create a quick volume at the base

Don't make a record! To help your hair that is not very voluminous, it is always helpful to work against the direction of growth. For example, if the parting is on the right side, the hair is blow-dried in the opposite direction. As soon as you bring it back to its original position, there is immediately more volume at this point!

11. The best (lip) quickie ever

Clear the stage for the easiest lip peeling in the world! Wet your toothbrush with a little water and rub it gently over your lips. This removes the uppermost flakes of skin, making your lips feel velvety soft and smooth again. By the way: This is the ideal prerequisite for currently hot, dark lip nuances!

12. Adhesive strips for eye make-up

Thank you, Tixo! For all those who don't have a steady hand, the tape is the salvation in the eyeliner emergency! Simply stick it along the two outer eye areas and run along the edge with eye shadow or eyeliner. This creates two even, accurate eyelooks. If you don't like it too angular, you can blend in afterwards.

13. So that your perfume doesn't evaporate …

… you should apply it directly after showering, as the pores of the skin are open at this point and can absorb the scent better. On the other hand, petroleum jelly (or any other unscented cream) works wonders. This is applied before the fragrance is sprayed on, which means that it adheres better and, above all, longer to the skin

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14. Beautiful Beach Waves in 3, 2, 1

In order to conjure up beautiful waves in your hair in seconds, a braid is braided (there can also be several braids - depending on the size of the desired waves), which is sprayed with heat protection spray. Grab your straightener and slide it over your braided hair a few times in a row. Let the hair cool down, open the braid - and tadaaa, you have beautiful ones Beach waves. Fix with a little hairspray, done!

15. Use hairpins correctly (finally)

Do you know it? Your bobby pins don't want to stick in your hair? To put an end to the constant slide, the hair clips should be sprayed with hairspray before styling - this way they can no longer slip. And: It is essential to have the wavy side (if present) facing down and the smooth side facing up. So the hairstyle is bombproof!

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